Best Ways to Get Better Gas Mileage

October 20, 2016


Best Ways to Get Better Gas Mileage

Improving your gas mileage is one of the easiest thing to accomplish. When it comes to getting more miles to the gallon, the key is to change the way you drive and use your vehicle.

1. Avoid Hard Acceleration and Braking

Every time you step on the gas pedal it puts more fuel into the engine. If you speed up suddenly, it uses more so it's best to accelerate slowly when possible. Many times I see people speed away from traffic lights only to slam on their brakes at the next red light. This is very bad for fuel mileage, not mention that it's dangerous as well.

2. Keep Your Driving Speed Below 60 MPH

If you want to get more miles per gallon SLOW DOWN. This is probably the most effective way to get better gas mileage for the average driver. Many people travel too fast and lose fuel economy because of it.

3. Turn Off Your Engines When Not in Use

Excessive engine idling wastes gas - If you plan to be stop for a few minutes or more then turn the engine off. You're burning fuel when your car is sitting idle with the engine running.

4. Keep Your Vehicle Well Maintained

While regular vehicle maintenance is very important, it is probably not the most effective way to get better gas mileage. This does not mean that you should just neglect your car or truck. The best thing to do is follow the factory maintenance schedule found in your owner's manual.

I have heard of people who "overmaintain" their cars to the point that it becomes a waste of money. It does not do any good to change your air filter every month or two. For optimal gas saving, it is best to stick with the maintenance schedule in your owner's manual.